Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jammin Masters

So, you’re a naff musician, and you honestly believe your next track is the one that’s going to break the bank and clamber through the charts, thence to send muzak mag editors and hack journos into a feeding frenzy, right? But who’re you going to call to do the all-essential mastering and tweaking and, better still, cut you a superb remix to go on the flipside of your metaphysical, best-selling record?

Ahh, that’s when you conjure up Berlin, Germany, and the studio of Jammin Masters, who promise to help with track preparation, sound-, dynamic- and stereo field processing, digital editing, restoration, sum & difference (M/S), stem- or separation mastering, and general laying-on of hands.

This isn’t just some mild-mannered, anonymous studio—this is the hall of (musical) justice, where musician Cem Oral is at play. I first met Cem in Sydney about 12 years ago, when I stuck an IF? sticker on his shoe. We’ve stayed mates since in spite of that, but it’s his own musical tinkering that continues to astound me.

Cem is the guy behind aliases like Jammin’ Unit and G 104, plus he worked as Air Liquide and Madonna 303 with Dr. Walker, Ultrahigh with Roger Cobernus (a.k.a. Kerosene), and as Cube 40 with his brother, Can (Khan Of Finland). With Cobernus, Cem also ran the utterly brilliant Pharma label in the 1990s.

So, yeah, this guy has history. He’s also one of the coolest, nicest lads to work with, and a great mate. He’s our captain of mastering prowess—the guy we call when we need a much-needed hand. And, better yet, he’s now offering Financial Crisis Rates’.

What more could you ask for?

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