Monday, March 16, 2009

Paul Birken

"I woke in the middle of the night with water dripping on my cheek, and running down past my right ear. The pillow was becoming soaked and I realized the window had broken from a tree branch that snapped in the wind.

"Water was flying into the house in a single stream, which was odd. When I grabbed a towel from the closet to dry myself off, I went to the garage to get some plastic and tape to temporarily fix the window and keep out the water, but heard a noise down in the studio that sounded odd. One of the drum machines had a single stream of water dripping into it, and was it hiccupping a chugging, slow pattern.

"I quickly hit 'record' to capture it and turn things off so I wouldn't get electrocuted. When I pressed 'stop', all the gear and my house dissolved into grey pixels and I fell to the ground and sat there in a muddy puddle with a small toy robot walking in front of me. It was muttering some fragments of a vocoded message. That was all I remember from the vision."


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