Monday, April 20, 2009

Bonusround005: Muzak Review

The Original Mix is archetypal Luke's Anger: über-deep, reverbing kick-beats that have a tendency to go out-of-kilter and/or drop out, in favour of cool stabs and bleeps; the riff that kicks in around 1:15 is an absolute killer, and the vocal samples ride it all with adept panache. Think a mental-funk ditty that'd flatten any dancefloor containing half-decent open-minded ravers.

The Forshaw remix made me think of Ed Rush, Optical and/or Dillinja in their heyday on acid, messing around with Si Begg - more breaks/drum & bass/grindcore-style electronica. In other ways, gloriously all over the place and as cool as my grandma's Christmas cake. Now, my nan passed away about 5 years ago, so you can't begin to imagine how cool it'd be to have one of those cakes now. Same thing.

The ever-cool Paul Birken goes more slow, grubby, glitchy crawl with a suavely kitsch '80s electro feel. It's so heavy and so subby it made my speakers work overtime and threaten to bust their stitches.

Dzaxy's mix is faster and a wee bit crunchier, with the subs still shaking, and goes more eclectic on the rhythm structure/sounds.

A very cool, scatterlogical release from the brilliant Bonus Round label that's not only diverse and challenging, but insanely catchy and funky. Spangfunk, by any other name...

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