Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dead Channel: new free muzak, 6 LPs' worth

I think I've already raved on about how much I love the Dead Channel crew over in Leeds in the UK.

Not only do they deign to find my own hack muzak worthy enough to release, but my label-mates are fantastic musos like Chris Kubex, Ant Orange, Noisepsalm, Micoland, Naffdogg and Dave Blakemore.

And they release all our stuff for FREE. Yep, no charge. Chargeless. Complimentary. Gratis. For nothing. Tada.

However you wanna say it, no $$ changes hands.

And they have 6 brand new LPs online, free to download, as of today.

Go north, young man (or girl), by hitting HERE.

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