Friday, November 6, 2009

Tokyo Parasite Museum

Situated not all that far from Meguro Station, in Tokyo, is an unforgettable rejoinder to the foodstuffs unveiled elsewhere in this hack blog.

The Tokyo Parasite Museum is a trendy dating locale for young couples (no joke), and right near its entrance you get the gist of the theme: There’s a Godzilla-sized specimen of a tapeworm, 10 metres (30 feet) in length, that was extracted from some poor fool in Yokohama.

Established by a group of Japanese University parasite-specialist professors, the museum showcases some repellingly mammoth and subversively fascinating microscopic exhibits - revealing a collection of grotesque real-life freeloaders, most of ‘em uglier than those imaginary alien terrors from old sci-fi movies. Move over, Predator and James Arness.

This is the only museum in the world where you can see 300 varieties of parasites lumped together in specimen jars, and the notes make you aware that many of them are naturally ingested with… food.

It’s enough to put you off the delights of sushi. Well, almost, anyway.

Mmm... sushi.

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