Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Funk Gadget 'Blah Blah' on White Vinyl

I know, I know - this is not really Japan-related, although the original track (which also appears here) was conceived and spat-out in my hack studio here in Tokyo just over a year ago, with the accidental input of the ever-brilliant Paul Birken (long story).

And the remixes concept was also dreamed up here in Japan over the past few months - but the rest of this story, as they say, was a global effort.

The record label is Slidebar Recordings, the sister label of Kitty Corner over in Germany run by Axel Sohns; the artwork is by Marcin Markowski in Poland.

And the remixes are by: Si Begg (Mosquito/Tresor), Patrick Pulsinger (Cheap/Disko B), Dave Tarrida (Tresor/Musick) and Birken (Bonus Round/Tonewrecker).

Oh yeah, and Funk Gadget is me - another of my silly production aliases (I have about 30 of 'em).

This one's a side-project I do for noisier electro/dubstep/cut-up stuff. So, when granted the insane opportunity to conjure up a record for Slidebar (and this lovely WHITE VINYL one at that), I decided to bring along a few of my like-minded mates.

This baby came out last month (February 2010), and you can check out sneak preview sample sounds (and/or order the vinyl, if it's your cuppa tea) here:

Here's the hack video-clip:

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