Monday, October 20, 2008

Mamoru Oshii helms KILL

This one's having a hack at the unsuspecting at the Tokyo International Film Festival this week, and had its world premiere on Sunday night at same:

Kiru ~ KILL.

Simple title, and pretty uncomplicated, if unusual, premise: A live-action, 4-story omnibus romp that's themed around swordfight scenes and classic slice'n'dice katana blade moments that've been set up as if they were the climax of longer dramas.

Directors: this rubbishy blog's long-time favourite, Mamoru Oshii, plus Kenta Fukasaku, Takanori Tsujimoto, Minoru Tahara; Cast: Yoko Fujita, Rinko Kikuchi, Takuya Mizoguchi. In other words, ambrosial.

Take that, Roget. I looked this one up in my trusty, online

By the way, before I completely forget—you can snap into the Kill preview right here.

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