Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Robo*Brazileira - Toshiyuki Yasuda

It was always one of my vague plans to do a remix of Toshiyuki’s Robo*Brazileira stuff. Such nice vocoder work... but we never got round to it. I bet loads of other folk would be up for doing mixes, too… ack... one day.

So lamented Si Begg last week, in one of the desperately quickie e-mail exchanges we occasionally get around to having.

We were talking up Japanese producer, Toshiyuki Yasuda
, who just did some crazy über-Kraftwerk, “Robo*Brazileira” vocoder vocals for my Little Nobody track, Robota. You can check out the unmastered, lo-fi version of the collaboration on YouTube here:

Anyway, Toshiyuki is one of my current favourite Japanese producers, along with Tatsuya Oe (Captain Funk) and the HIFANA boys, and he recently finished working with Uwe Schmidt/Atom Heart (in the man’s ulterior Señor Coconut guise) on Around the World With Señor Coconut and His Orchestra.

Toshiyuki’s also just unveiled the Autumn Session album, in collaboration with Pecombo, on his own label, Megadolly
–just in time for the autumn season in the northern hemisphere, and fashionably out-of-whack for those of us hailing from the deep south, like Australia.
He also has some interesting things to say about Japan in the next issue of Geek Monthly mag.

By the by, if anyone here is manly enough (or should that be “personally enough”? I always confuse my PC tags) to admit that they don’t quite get what a vocoder is, or how it works, check out the informative background lore thrown up on the suitably vintage Wendy Carlos vocoder Q&A page.

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