Thursday, February 5, 2009

IF? Records now online @ Input-Output Inc.

We've bitten the digital bullet once again, and decided to expand the online minor-league evil empire... by one.

From January 2009, all upcoming IF? Records release will be available through the wunderbar types at Input-Output Inc., along with a percentage of our existing back-catalogue and ongoing releases through Addictech; also, look out for exclusives through both. And IF? will also continue to collaborate with Hypnotic Room back in Oz.


Releases including stuff by Little Nobody, Alone Together, Bitch Shift, Enclave, Son Of Zev, Koda, E383, Biochip C, Paul Birken, Patrick Pulsinger, Jammin' Unit, Gene Farris, Funk Gadget, Kana Masaki, Veronica du Lac, Bill Youngman, Pat Stormont, Zen Paradox, ABiS, Tunng, DJ Hi-Shock, Eri Makino, and others.

We're not going to be available through Beatport.

You can also find out more about the benefits and schlock horrors of the digital download phenomenon at Fun in the Murky, with comments from Dave Tarrida, Si Begg, Shin Nishimura and Cem Oral (Jammin' Unit).

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