Saturday, February 21, 2009

Scott C. on arty stuff

"That's the exact book I have!" Scott Campbell enthused from over in New York. "Jon Klassen turned me onto them. And [Charlie] Harper."

I was in the midst of interviewing this seriously talented guy for a feature on his own art over at Fun in the Murky, and somehow the spotlight drifted and fell onto Alice and Martin Provensen's insanely adroit illustrations for an old book called Myths and Legends.

I think I was equally excited—Campbell is the only other person I've met who's known about this book, let alone the Provensens; their work here absolutely did my head in when I was a kid, and all my primary school Greek warriors and vikings ended up looking like pale imitations of theirs.

These days the ones I draw with my daughter Cocoa are looking marginally like Scott's.

You can check out some of the Provensens' much-vaunted tome here. And click here to head over to the interview I just did with Scott. Alternatively, hit his own website.

"Jon Klassen is my big inspirational dude right now," Scott adds as an addendum, referring me to the man's "water thing" that he did, right

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