Friday, August 6, 2010

Amateur Ballet 2.0

This afternoon we got the pleasure of a freebie - an open "showcase" theatre performance by a local ballet studio in Toritsudaigaku. Basically we went because my wife and I both like ballet and our daughter loves it and is currently taking lessons at age four.

So this performance was supposed to be focused around students our daughter's age.

Or so we thought, anyway. While it started off with kids in the three-to-seven age bracket, suddenly we were faced with their peers in the forty to fifty age group, all of them wearing brief, glitzy leotards and tutus.

And when the male dancers appeared, they were far more manicured and show-boating than their female partners. I've never before seen such tailored eyebrows.



Anonymous said...

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By the way, love your blog! :)

Juliet said...

this is really good